Investment Case

Spark Infrastructure’s objective is to create long-term, sustainable value by investing in comparatively low risk businesses. 

We aim for a balanced portfolio. Earnings are supported by growth in underlying assets and through sustainable investments in high value, unregulated opportunities.

In 2019, we acquired a 100% interest in the Bomen Solar Farm project, near Wagga Wagga, NSW. This was the first step in the Value Build component of our strategy.

We continue to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to customers through efficient operations.

We own interests in Australia’s top performing regulated electricity businesses. They invest in innovation and technology and, year-on-year, outperform and support our investment earnings.

Our network businesses are at the forefront of change, across generation, transmission and distribution as renewable sources are added to the energy mix and coal-fired generation is phased out.

Significant new investment is required to support this transition, including in transmission interconnection and firming technology to ensure resilience and reliability.


Emerging Environments 

Spark Infrastructure is committed to energy system stability, reliability and minimising costs to customers. Investment in our network businesses is critical to a successful transition to the new energy future, facilitating the entry of low-cost generation and reducing costs to customers.


Our objective is to continue to optimise the performance of our existing network businesses while leading the sustainable reduction in emissions through investing in renewable generation and complementary and smart electricity grid infrastructure.


Significant new network investment is required in the overall energy system as it transitions from large coal fired generators, which provide system stability, to widely dispersed intermittent renewable generation, which requires the support of firming technology to ensure system resilience and reliability. The Australian Electricity Market Commission (AEMC) expects that, by 2030, 6,000MW of generation will close and be replaced by 22,000MW of intermittent renewable generation and 6,000MW of storage.


AEMO recently delivered its 2020 Integrated System Plan (ISP) outlining the significant role transmission networks and, in particular, TransGrid will play in delivering greater regional interconnectivity and renewable energy zones to better balance the energy system. The ISP calls for nine major new transmission projects in the near term, which could lead to significant capital investments over the next decade.


Our network businesses are increasingly delivering more value-added services to the grid as energy generation, technology and customer preferences evolve. Our strategy enables us to capitalise on these growth opportunities in our distribution and transmission networks, renewables and adjacent sectors, investing in infrastructure for the future. 


Project EnergyConnect is a proposed 900km interconnector running between Wagga Wagga in NSW and Robertson in South Australia via Buronga with a spur line to Red Cliffs in Victoria. PEC has been declared critical state significant infrastructure by the NSW government and is expected to provide 800 regional jobs during construction with 700 ongoing. The AER recently approved the RIT-T. TransGrid and ElectraNet are expected to soon lodge a contingent project application. If approved by the AER, TransGrid will build, own and operate the line from Wagga Wagga to the South Australian border. PEC is estimated to provide 800MW (equivalent to providing energy to 240,000 households) of two-way capacity between South Australia and NSW and will enable future renewable projects to connect to the grid.


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